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State Radio - Chadwick Stokes


Chad dropped by the Relix Magazine office in NYC to perform "Our Lives, Our Time" and "Cease Fire," a new song about the recent events in Ferguson, Staten Island and Cleveland. "Cease Fire" starts at 4:25. Watch the session at

Thursday November 20th

Chadwick Stokes Audiotree Session

Chad and the Pintos dropped by Audiotree Live in Chicago on November 7th to record a live session. The four song set included "Pine Needle Tea," "Seatbelt," and "Our Lives, Our Time" from the new album as well as "Black Bottle" from Simmerkane II. Check out the full session below and make sure to send @audiotreemusic some love on Twitter.

We came to you on May 23, 2013 with what felt like a pretty crazy idea. Chad was writing a new album and wanted to workshop the songs in front of some live audiences. Instead of booking a traditional venue tour, we asked fans in 13 US cities to take a journey with us and let Chad and 30-50 fans into their homes for an evening of music. The response from hosts and attendees was so overwhelming that the living room tour eventually expanded to 9 more North American cities and 8 in Europe. Regardless of the place or the language, the result was always the same, a collection of strangers came together to create a community around music.

Filmmakers Ryan Mastro and Maggie Riley were along for the ride and filmed this documentary about the first leg of the tour:


Now we fast forward to the day we've all been waiting for, the day that we get to share the first songs from this new album. Not just any album, your album.

The Horse Comanche will feature 10 songs and be released on February 3rd in North America, February 20th in Germany and February 23rd in the UK and the rest of Europe. It's an album that is yours in a way that a Chadwick, Dispatch or State Radio album has never been. It's an album that couldn't have been created without your influence or support, so much so that 2,151 fans are named in the "thank you" section of the liner notes. The first song that we'd like to share with you is called "Our Lives Our Time."

There was never any doubt in our minds that "Our Lives" (as we call it at Chadwick Stokes HQ) would be the first song to see the light of day. It was a 657-word epic that living room audiences connected with every night. Maybe it was the humility of Chad needing his lyric book in front of him or the verbal tightrope walking in the bridge. Whatever it was, attendees began posting videos of the song on YouTube which reminded us of the days when Dispatch fans would tape shows and post new songs on Napster long before they'd appear on a studio album.

The 2nd song is one that you might have heard in crowd funding video that we posted on Facebook. It's called "Prison Blue Eyes" and it was another crowd favorite on the living room tour:

We're looking forward to sharing more songs from The Horse Comanche between now and release day. Album patrons, regardless of where they live, will receive their copy on February 3rd. They can also visit the patron page right now to download MP3s of both tracks.

Fans who didn't attend a living room concert or purchase a patron pre-order can reserve a digital, CD or vinyl copy of The Horse Comanche today on Chad's web store. People who pre-order on the web store will get MP3s for the two new songs as well.

You can also stream 90 seconds of each song on The Horse Comanche right now on iTunes. Click here to preview the entire album and lock in your digital pre-order. Anyone who pre-orders will receive "Our Lives Our Time" immediately (or "Prison Blue Eyes if you're in Germany).

As a reminder, anyone who purchased a patron pre-order or a living room concert ticket can access free downloads of both songs right now on the patron page.

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