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  1. Joan of Arc
  2. Chaska
  3. Blanket On The Moon
  4. Hit The Bell With Your Elbow
  5. Love and War
  6. Lost and Found
  7. What's It Going To Take
  8. Let Me Down Easy
  9. Sand From San Francisco
  10. Mooshiquoinox
  11. Second Favorite Living Drummer
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The Calling All Crows 14th Annual Benefit Weekend
Posted On November 22, 2021

Hi y'all, this year’s Calling All Crows

14th Annual Benefit Weekend is going

to be at Club Passim in Cambridge Dec 21+22. Tickets go on sale tomorrow,

Nov 23rd at 12PM ET:

While I’ve never done a full show there, I've been there many times in the audience and am always struck by its warmth and history. We realize this

ABW is quite different from the norm

with a much smaller venue, but it's just what feels right this year.

Programming will be identical for each night, so please consider choosing just one night that works best for you to

allow as many different folks as possible to take part in the tradition. We are

honored to get together with y'all to

serve and celebrate our community.

In-person tickets are extremely limited, but a livestream option is available for

our friends from afar or those who

prefer to watch from home. This year we'll be joined by Black and Pink MA, who do incredible work to support, advocate and organize for LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV/AIDS who are affected by the

prison industrial complex.

These will be be our 5th + 6th in person shows in 19 months I hope everyone

out there is hanging on and taking

care of each other.

Much love and see you soon!

- Chad

Update from Cloudberry Farm
Posted On May 01, 2020

I hope everyone is doing ok during this unsettling and sad time. Thanks for tuning in to the Calling All Crows tri-weekly service projects. Willy’s going to kill me as I teach him songs just minutes before we go live.

My extended family and I have all retreated to where we grew up on Cloudberry Farm. Thankfully, my folks are still there. Life is busy and the kitchen is crowded. I’m in charge of home school and Zooming, so mornings are packed as I try to keep the kids on task. Before school there’s farm chores that involve planting, tending to the chickens and general upkeep.

Farmer Willy has whipped the property into shape with many fruit trees and berry bushes prepared for the sunny season. He also continues his stone work with pathways and repairing old stone walls. He and Ludo hosted a dinner dance at the cottage the other night which has been a highlight. Willy’s vinyl collection and DJing was so lit ~ Nightly knock-out (basketball) continues and is as heated as it ever was. I usually wear a helmet. After some intense trail clearing, my sister Farley, her son Ozzy and I are covered in poison ivy. The barn needs to be painted, but the new south siding is looking good. We’re also trying to fix some old bikes round here for some motorcross. There’s revolving cooks in the kitchen; last night we had a curry in which we used spices that have been in our cupboard since before I was born - drink of choice has been a nice scotch called Jura that Willy got hip to during his years in Scotland.

Between the incessant hand washing and laborious wiping down of all groceries and the occasional embarkments into the world with masks and gloves, the days melt into each other. The trees are budding, new clover sprouting up. We just planted a small grove of sugar maples in the back field. Brother Ben is fixing amps and teaching Highschool engineering from his old bedroom - while also trying to make the chicken door automatic. Lefty’s getting old -- his face is almost completely grey and his eyes getting cloudy. Coming down the stairs is getting a little dicey for him post afternoon nap.

I feel incredibly lucky to have landed back here with the family. My heart goes out to families that’ve lost loved ones and to those who are hurting now but can’t feel the comfort of a loved one’s touch.

Stay safe out there ~

Chadwick Stokes & The Pintos Out Now!
Posted On November 15, 2019

Thanks for hanging with us - Chadwick Stokes & The Pintos is out today! Head here to stream or download. On behalf of Tommy, JR, Asa, Willy and I, we appreciate you all. Thanks to Brian Charles and everyone at Zippah in Brighton, MA, and Danny Molad from Lucius for mixing it down!

Physical copies of the new album are still available in the merch store, including a limited amount of ticket-album bundles. A heads up that the soundcheck party ticket bundles close 72 hours before each show (some are already closed).

See you soon at a city near you, or, kinda near you, or not even close to you... tickets and tour dates below here.

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Chadwick Stokes is an accomplished musician and songwriter who grew up on a small farm outside of Boston. A songwriter since early adolescence, his many projects have woven together music, art, history and activism. From Dispatch, which he started in his early 20s; to his politically driven band, State Radio; to his nascent solo project, Chadwick Stokes and the Pintos, Chad has committed himself to using music as a vehicle for social and political change. Along with his wife, Sybil, he founded Calling All Crows, a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging music fans around women's issues both at home and abroad. They’ve worked to bring awareness to the worldwide refugee crisis, to the proliferation of violence against women and to the persistence of sexual violence within the music industry. Through his many years of working independently within what can be a difficult industry, Chadwick has been continually motivated by his love of music and the people he makes it with.

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